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Aluminum Perforated Architectural Mesh

Aluminum Perforated Mesh Sheet is widely used in the architectural, engineering, building construction as decorative screen panels, factory suspend ceiling wall and metal materials of sound absorption.

Perforated Panels for Ceilings
Aluminum Perforated Sheet Used as Suspending Ceiling Acoustic Panels

Architectural Ceiling Perforated Mesh
Perforated Aluminum Metal Ceiling

Aluminum Sheet Metal
Aluminum Perforated Metal Mesh Sheet with Decorative Patterns, Suitable for Architectural Designs

Blatt supplies two types of Aluminum Perforated Ceiling Tiles: Clip-in and Lay-in type. Our aluminum perforated ceilings work both as decorative ceiling tiles and acoustic screen materials. Our perforated ceiling panels are mainly used in Airport, Railway station, Metro, Bank, Hotel, Supermarket, Exhibition Hall, Restaurant & House for decoration.

Panel Size:300x300;600x600;300x1200;600x1200mm

Panel Thickness:0.30-1.0mm

Specification of Aluminum Perforated Ceiling Panels / Tiles:

Ceiling Type Model Size(mm) Standard Thickness(mm)
Clip-in Ceiling Bl-FA300 300*300 0.5
Bl-FA400 400*400 0.7
Bl-FA500 500*500 0.7
Bl-FA600 600*600 0.7
Bl-FA300*1200 300*1200 0.8
Bl-FA600*1200 600*1200 1.0
Lay-in Ceiling Bl-FM600 585*585 0.7
Bl-FM300*1200 285*1185 0.7
Bl-FM600*1200 585*1185 0.8


Material, hole types and description of perforated aluminum sheet:

Material: Aluminum alloy of various grades

Sheet Size:1m*2m,1.22m*2.44m

Holes diameter (0.3 millimeters -100 millimeter)

Descriptions: Perforated aluminum sheet / plate is firm and has a long performance life. It is mainly used for civil construction, protection of the mechanical equipments, manufacturing of handicraft products, slap-up sound box mesh enclosure, guardrail of highway, purse net of play ground and protective netting of green belt. Heavy sized aluminum plate mesh is used for tankers foot pedal mesh, working platform, staircase and pavement of heavy machineries, boilers, mines, locomotives and tonner steamship.

Hole patterns available for perforated aluminum metal mesh:
Aluminum sheet can be punched into following holes: round, Rectangular hole, square, Triangle, Diamond, Hexagonal, oval, Cross, scale shape and composition of different shapes, also other special shape according to your request.

Features: Aluminum perforated plate offering the following benefits:
1. Can be readily formed
2. Easy installation
3. Can be painted or polished and anodizing.
4. The thickness of materials is wide range from 0.3mm-8mm.
5. Largest selection of hole size patterns and configurations
6. Uniform sound abatement,
7. Attractive appearance,
8. Light weight,
9. Durable,
10 Superior abrasion resistances
11. Accuracy of perforation size

Aluminum perforated metal sheet is widely used as decorative mesh screen. The aluminum perforated metal mesh also can be used in building wall power station, factory suspend ceiling wall and other source of noise in order to sound absorption.

       √ oil field drilling
       √ mine screening
       √ engineering
       √ sifting of grains
       √ decorations and designs of building
       √fencing screen

Aluminum Perforated Metal Sheet Specifications:

Hole Hole Pitch Number of Hole Open Area
In. No. In MM In MM Per Sq.Inch In %
3.00 0.50 1.09 627.02 19.09
3.25 0.55 1.25 476.00 17.50
3.50 0.60 1.25 471.00 20.90
3.75 0.70 1.35 408.00 24.39
4.00 0.80 1.39 385.57 30.05
4.50 0.90 1.39 385.57 38.04
5.00 1.00 1.67 267.12 32.53
5.25 1.10 1.67 267.12 39.36
5.50 1.20 2.00 186.24 32.66
5.75 1.30 2.25 147.15 30.29
6.00 1.40 2.50 119.19 28.45