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Arc hole

Used for oily, wet, dry and hot dust and mist, with high efficiency of collecting dust. According to inertia, the principle of separation of the collision, perforated screen is the most effective dust removal system.

The gas, going through aperture from 45 degrees to 10 high-rise complex structure, up to 90-99 percent of the dust can be collected.

Airstream conversion
Inertial dust
Separation of conflict


Use:Boiler soot and smoke oil mist eliminator, scrap melting furnace dust and tunnel construction dust removal.

Eliminate nicotine in the air,  high-temperature exhaust of coal desulfurization tower, coal dust and fuel agriculture, fisheries and threshing grain and livestock feed dust, oil filter, building ventilation and air-conditioning duct removal.

Stainless steel or aluminum perforated plate in 45 ° angle, like a honeycomb structure, with mesh in each direction at 90 degrees. Ten different types of sheet screen as a group.

This is the first time and the second is 90 degrees, and the third is 180 degrees. To form a three-dimensional grid of wind speed and high-speed air to filter the dust.