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Perforated Plates


The perforated metal plate is a very special, highly utilized in industry, construction, in the manufacture of various products popular use such as garbage baskets, filters, etc. The wide variety of sizes, as well as the different openings or holes offer the user a wide range of options that will help to select the mesh precise to their needs.

Perforated plates are mostly manufactured in steel carbon, but also can be manufactured on a custom aluminum, stainless steel, galvanized steel, and so on.

It is a valuable material for processes of filtration, separation, equalization, compensation, among others. The metal plates are used for separation of grains, food, refrigeration, heating and air conditioning, grindings, laboratories, etc.

The perforated metal plate finds a great application in the decoration and display of goods, ornamental applications ranging from furniture and office supplies, ceiling, office divisions, ventilation windows or walls, lighting, decoration up in buildings of great design. Perforated plates give a touch of elegance and distinction compared to other materials.

Perforated plates can be offered in a variety of patterns and metal types. To order, the following factors are to consider:
Material (stainless steel, carbon steel, aluminum, etc.)
Caliber or thickness of the sheet.
Size of the strips (3 'x 8'-4' x 8'-3 'x 10'-4' x 10 'and 1 x 2 mts.)
Form and extent of perforating: Round square or oblong