Blatt Perforated Metal Co.


Perforated Metal Screen


Perforated metal panels and screens for architecture can be used as balcony, partitions, façade, elevator cabinet and other parts of buildings.
Materials: Stainless steel sheets, aluminum or galvanized iron sheets.
Specify the following when order:
Hole pattern;
Open area;
Hole size and thickness.Typical patterns for perforated screen include slotted, embossed, diamond, square and round.Slotted perforated metal is produced in ferrous materials in plates, stainless steel or galvanized steel.

Oblong Slotted Perforated Metal Screen Information:

3.175 x 25.400 mm oblong slot
6.350 mm centers
Side Staggered
43% open
22 gauge steel
Length of oblong slots run length of sheet.

1/4" Slotted Perforated Metal Screen
6.350 x 38.100 mm slot
Every third bridge 4.763 mm wide
Other bridges 2.381 mm
67% open area of sheets
16, 18, 20 gauge steel
Length of slots runs width of perforated sheet.

Mesh sizes and plate thickness typical available:
Ф DE 1.2X5 D/C 7 X 7.5mm
Ф DE 2X14 D/C 14X21mm
Ф DE 2.5x20 D/C14X25mm
Ф DE 5X20X D/C 16X44mm
Ф DE 8X20 D/C 25X46mm
Custom orders with gauges and sizes available.